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My name is  Jens and I like softdrinks, cinamon buns and rice cookies. I eat fried eggs with bananas in the morning. Kisses… I would like to pay attention to events during the first World War

In  my class at Väsby Yrkesgymnasium we had a choice of reading and presenting an English version of a Book of our choice. The second choice was to produce and publish a site with Wordstar and participate in the contest Webbstjärnan 2017 or finally to . The third choice was to do ordinary classroom work and go through a course book. I picked producing a web site.

Väsby yrkesgymnasium

Our highschool, Väsby yrkesgymnasium, was previuosly called, Energigymnasiet. After the sale of the school to new owners they obviously wanted changes. If a student here follows the three year program one may graduate to become an electrician, plumber or a janitor. Every student at this Highschool may select extra higher level courses with general knowledge to become accepted at Universities in Sweden in the subjects Swedish, Mathematics and English at Väsby yrkesgymnasium.



I have picked plumbing as my major. I believe it is a good future job. Society around us is in a constant need for good, clever and one can quite easily find a job oppertunity.

The Aim of this Web is to show my mastering of English while learning more from events from the First World War

Since I really like History I would like to focus on events that occurred during the First World War, Through this site I will be able to show both my teacher and fellow students how well I master both English and History. Since  the internet is global I think that many of you readers are students from most any country anywhere around earth. As a visitor to my site you are most welcome to interact with me and my material I believe that my readers might be people interested in history or students at junior high schools around Swden.

The curriculum Lgy11

All material written here at worldwarone.se starts of in The Swedish Curriculm for English. LGy 11. I write, orally communicate and show You all some interesting events that are not wellknown by the public.

What have I learnt through publishing my English work on the web?

One item that I really have learnt is what we do at school also can make a great difference and be of interest to others. We learn that knowledge is power. We learn that it will be possible to command one self in the future.


All material is mine and will beofficial at FlickR-acount, and published under Creative Commons-licence BY-SA.  In our English class we discuss sources and copyrights to original sources with our teacher to make sure we pay attention to legal procedures and the copyright for authers, composers or artists etcetera.

Why I ought to win the Webbstjärnan competition

In my opinion it ought to be me who wins this Web star competion. I’m a first year plumbing student at Väsby yrkesgymnasium. I welcome visitors to my site filled with information and opinon about the first world war with a personal teenager touch. My aims are to make this site varied and interesting to all viewers.

Responsible teacher for my blog is Eva Mattinson. Contact her thru e-mail at: eva.mattinson@vasbyyrkesgymnasium.se

Have fun while visiting my site!

Are You interested in participating and competing with WebbstjärnanCheck their web site out to have more information about the contest and have lots of free material in  web publishing.

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